Resources for Advent 2017

Below find details for all parishes outlining the various resources which are available for this Advent on offer from the Adult Faith Development Group. These resources are available from the Faith Development Office, tel. 056 7753624 or email All resources can be collected later this week from the AFD office at St Kieran’s College, posted to parishes that request them, or collected next Saturday at the Morning for Parish Pastoral Councils being held at St Kieran’s College.  
Parish Retreat Evenings at St Kieran’s College
These retreat evenings for parish groups will begin during Advent this year and we will continue to host them throughout the year until Easter.  The theme for this coming year will be “You are my Family” (For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother.” (Mt 12:50)).  An evening of prayer and reflection in St Kieran’s College from 7pm – 9.30pm for any parish groups.

Communion and Confirmation Parent Retreats
A short mini-retreat, around the World Meeting of Families theme, “You are my Family” to be hosted in your local parish Church for parents of Communion or Confirmation children. This mini-retreat, a short gathering of c. 45 mins, would be an opportunity for those parents to come together as they journey towards the celebration of the sacraments with their children.

Nursing Home Retreats
Retreat evenings in nursing homes around our diocese. The Adult Faith Development Group will be writing to all nursing homes in Ossory to offer retreat evenings for those people living there and their families/visitors. A evening of music, traditional prayers and reflections and an opportunity to celebrate our faith together will be offered to these homes.


Parish Pastoral Council Training Day – Saturday 2nd December 10.00am-1.00pm
A morning of reflection on the role and important of Pastoral Councils in the life of the parishes of our diocese.  Led by Rev Dr Eamonn Fitzgibbon and Dr Salvador Ryan this morning will be an opportunity for all the Councils of our diocese to come together to reflect on their work in parishes, now shaped by the vision of Pope Francis, and to share ideas/plans for the year ahead. 

Ministers of the Word Night – Tuesday 5th December, 7.30pm
A short evening of prayer and reflection at St Kieran’s College for those who serve as ministers of the word in our parishes.  This evening led by Fr Sean Maher (Kildare and Leighlin) will offer a chance for our Ministers of the Word from around the diocese to come together to reflect on their ministry as we make this Advent journey together. 

Sunday Scripture Reflection Sheets for the Advent Season 2017 – To help encourage and support people in praying and reflecting on the scriptures we have once again put together a simple reflection booklet which covers the Sundays of Advent. Each Sunday offers the Gospel of that day, a simple exegesis of the scripture, a pastoral reflection, a prayer centred on the Gospel and some thoughts for actions that week.  These booklets can act as a guide to people to reflect on the scripture using the Lectio Divina method.
Thought for the Day Mini-Booklets (€2 each) – Once again we have produced the simple, pocket-sized Thought for the Day Booklet. This booklet in intended to help people reflect on a line of scripture each day by means of a short reflection, prayer and question. 
Advent Tweet Daily Thought (Mini Movie) – This Advent Ossory Adult Faith Development will tweet a short movie each day with a simple reflection/prayer or thought for that day. These are intended to help people pause for a moment, while using social media, to reflect on the season of Advent and its meaning for us today. To get these tweets each day simply follow our Diocesan Twitter account @ossorydiocese
Advent Web Post Daily Thought (Mini Movie) – This Advent Ossory Adult Faith Development will post a short movie each day online with a simple reflection/prayer or thought for that day. To view each day simply log on to
Advent Text of the Day –  The daily text message from the AFD office has proven to be very popular with many people in receipt of them during both Advent and Lent last year. The message sent to the persons phone might encourage them to reflect for a moment on something or to pause and say a brief prayer, think of someone, or decide to do something small that day. It is a way that we can journey together during Advent. Those who would like to receive these texts – at no cost – are asked to:
  • TEXT their mobile number to the Ossory Faith Development Group at 085-8313100 
  • or EMAIL 
  • or TELEPHONE 056-7753624 
  • or WRITE their mobile number on the sheets provided and have these returned to the AFD office

Available for free to parishes for distribution 
  • Traditions Explained & Building an Advent Wreath: A simple step by step guide into building an Advent Wreath as well as a explanation of its significance and symbolism.
  • Christmas Story: A reprinting of the Christmas Story so that it may be heard anew, with questions to prompt reflection and new insights.
  • Blessing for a Crib: A simple blessing that can be used when the crib is placed in the family home. This blessing also has a separate small prayer card, to be left by the crib, to promote a moment of prayer for the family each day.
  • Christmas Grace: A simple prayer card of a grace before meals to support and encourage people and especially families this year to take a moment of prayer in the home on Christmas Day.
Once again the Adult Faith Development group has prepared a number of different programmes to download for use in parishes during Advent. These items re intended as resources for parishes and can be used in a variety of ways: perhaps to gather groups to use them or encourage parents of children preparing to celebrate the sacraments to use them for themselves.
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