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The Christmas story, which we recall in this season, highlights the fact that God so loved us that he came into the world as one of us. God became Man. The divine became human. Arguably one of the reasons that the divine became human is to remind us that humanity can, with God’s help, partake in the divine. That is to say, we see in the infant Jesus the possibilities for humanity. He reminds us of our great potential and the goal to which we are intended in fulfilling that potential.    
Our Church is changing, and the departure of the Carmelites and the Mill Hill Fathers underline this fact, but our Church is very much alive and each day it continues to help us express our faith. The pages of the latest edition of the Ossory Times, then, remind us of the many ways that our faith fulfils its potential in our parishes, schools and homes: Pilgrimages, faith education in our schools, faith at the heart of our home, Prague house, a reflection on the Diocesan Forum serving an ever-changing – and always the same – Church, and so much more, remind us of the life that our faith has.  
Why not pick up a copy of the latest edition of the Ossory Times which is available now in your parish. As always comments, suggestions and contributions are most welcome for future editions. Articles or advertisements for upcoming events or of recent events, can be sent to the editorial team of at the Faith Development Office, St Kieran’s College.  
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