Ordination Preparation in our Schools


On Sunday 11th March Monsignor Dermot Farrell will be ordained as the new Bishop of Ossory in St Mary’s Cathedral, Kilkenny at 3pm. He has been asked to take on this ministry by Pope Francis and it was announced that he accepted this responsibility on January 3rd. 

This is an historic moment for our Diocese as our next bishop takes up his ministry with us.  With regards to the schools in our Diocese, we are are anxious that in the weeks leading up to the Ordination, young people might be made aware of this event and that their knowledge of being part of a diocese and a local church could be increased. To this end, we have produced a resource packs which we hope can be used in class by teachers.

For Primary Schools the Ossory Diocesan Advisors have produced a newsletter to welcome our new Bishop with news, discussion and activities for the Classrooms with a special prayer service for the Feast of St Kieran on Monday 5th March.

The Secondary School resource pack has materials which can be used right through from 1st Year to 6th Year. For Transition Year students we include a history of St Mary’s Cathedral and we invite schools, if possible, to bring their TY classes on a tour of the Cathedral to explore and find the different features as mentioned in this short history. 

We have also included details on an essay competition in relation to this event. We would ask that you make a copy of these details and circulate them among your students. It might be possible to do this in conjunction with the English department in your school.

In these remaining weeks leading up to the Ordination of our new bishop we ask you to keep Monsignor Dermot in your prayers as he begins to lead the church of Ossory into the future.

Links to download the relevant packs below

Primary School Pack

Secondary School Pack


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