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Ossory Times

The Christian story is one of hope; a great hope which is made real for us in the risen Lord of Easter. Every aspect of his existence, from the moment of the incarnation through the cross, was directed towards this end. It isn’t by chance that we got to this point – everything was intended to offer to us this message of great hope, not a notional hope but one made real. The Christian, then, is called to live life constantly aware of this hope and more importantly to do concrete things to make it manifest for others. We are called to share our joy and we live out this calling in our parishes, homes, communities and places of work. 

Ossory then, if it is to be true to this calling, must be a reflection of that hope; and as these pages show, it is. We are fortunate that so much in our Diocese reflects this fact – talks bringing people together to explore their faith, programmes of preparation for those in ministry, a younger generation willing to reflect on their faith, ongoing work to bring our Pastoral Plan to life and local pilgrimages of prayer. Recently we celebrated the Ordination of Bishop Dermot Farrell as our bishop and that wonderful, and hope-filed occasion, along with the rich tradition into which he steps is also recorded in these pages.  Faith publications, articles to educate, and images from around our Diocese offer insight into our church.

Why not pick up a copy of the latest edition of the Ossory Times which is available now in your parish. As always comments, suggestions and contributions are most welcome for future editions. Articles or advertisements for upcoming events or of recent events, can be sent to the editorial team of at the Faith Development Office, St Kieran’s College.  
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