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Recalling the past is very much part of our faith. We do so every time we read the scriptures and each time we gather to pray. It is good to recall the past – it reminds us of our roots, where we have come from and what we are about.  Looking to the past, in Ossory, we have much for which we are thankful. In recent times we have celebrated our past by reflecting on the arrival of the Little Sisters of the Poor to Waterford, as they now have a home among us in Ossory, and by celebrating the beginning of the Loreto Sisters offering of education here in our midst – these occasions are documented in this edition.  

In our faith we look to the past not merely for memory, but so that we may live more fully in the present. With this in mind we also see in these pages how our faith is finding expression today. Recently we celebrated the World Meeting of Families in Dublin. It was wonderful occasion with people from all over the world coming to Ireland to reflect upon, and to celebrate, the importance of family. It was occasion too for the visit of Pope Francis – many people from our diocese were part of those days and they recall here just how special a time it was.  

Finally we recall our faith filled past, and live it now, in the hope of a future when it will be truly fulfilled. As a people of faith, then, we must also look to tomorrow. In this context, in these pages, Bishop Farrell outlines his vision for the future challenges facing us and our faith and we reflect too, given the changing demographics of our church as it faces this future, on some models of Pastoral Leadership as they are seen in Canon Law. 

In these articles, and in the others of this edition, we hope you find some learnings from our past, some of the life of our present and some of the great hope for our future. As always we hope you enjoy this publication. 

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