Follow the Advent Story with Godly Plays

Why not follow the Advent story with the younger members of your family. Each week a new Godly Play will be available on the Ossory website. A chance for you, and your children, to reflect together through play and prayer on this Advent journey.

Programme for Advent 2022 in Ossory Diocese

As Advent is upon us we look forward to our journeying together; a time of waiting and preparing. Join us for some of our many Adult Faith Development Advent opportunities for prayer and reflection here in Ossory.

Emmanuel God-with-us for Advent 2022

Join with Tarsus Scripture School for their Advent Reflections 2022. Six presentations – reflections on key Scripture passages – to be enjoyed in your own time (€20/household)  Available to register online at

Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist Course this Advent

Take and Eat – Serving the Lord through service of others Why it is that we serve? Are we worthy to carry out this ministry? In this short course Fr Vincent Sherlock of the Diocese of Achonry helps us to reflect on the role of the Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist in our parish communities.  […]

Christ in our homes this Christmas 2022

Why not take part in our virtual display of Cribs ( this Christmas – send us images of the crib in your home, parish, school or club to

Sundays of Advent Booklet for Advent 2022

Download our Sundays of Advent Booklet for Advent 2022. A book for each of the Sundays of Advent to guide you through a Lectio Divina approach to reflecting upon and praying with the Gospels of our Advent Sundays. Click the image below to download the booklet.

Advent 2022 Thought for the Day Booklet

Why not download our Thought for Each Day for every day of Advent Booklet – reflections, prayer and ideas –  take a few moments each day during Advent to pause in prayer. Click the image below to download the booklet. You can also follow us on Twitter @ossorydiocese. 

Advent Lectio 365 – begin the spiritual journey to Christmas

You are invited to begin the spiritual journey to Christmas through the resource of Lectio 365, a devotional programme from the 24-7 Prayer Movement which is inspired by Lectio Divina, a way of meditating and praying with the Bible. ( We will follow a simple P.R.A.Y. rhythm: ➢ P:ause to be still ➢ R:ejoice with a Psalm and Reflect […]

Online Parish Resources for Advent 2022

Simple resources to download for use in parishes. These items are intended as resources for parishes/schools and parish groups and can be used in a variety of ways.  Click on the links below to download these simple resources. 1st Week Advent Parish Resources 2022 4th Week Advent Parish Resources 2022 2nd Week Advent Parish Resources […]

Safeguarding Sunday 20th November 2022

This Sunday is Safeguarding Sunday in Ossory. We create and uphold the highest safeguarding standards in the parishes of our Diocese. This Sunday is the day where we promote and remind everyone involved in the church that safeguarding is a standard practice for us all. Safeguarding includes children and vulnerable adults, but it also includes […]