This online donation facility is available to assist you if you wish to make a contribution to the Diocese of Ossory.
Below are a list of options to which you can donate. However, if you wish to contribute to something that is not listed you can simply add your bequest in the option marked ‘Other’, giving a brief description of where you intend it to go.

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Ossory Priests Society
The Ossory Priests Society is charged with making suitable financial provision for the care of the priests in the Diocese of Ossory in infirmity, sickness and old age. A contribution or bequest to Ossory Priests Society is an opportunity to show appreciation for the many years of service our retired priests have given to God and our parishes throughout the Diocese.

St Mary's Cathedral Renovation Fund
St Mary’s Cathedral is currently undergoing major and much needed renovations. With the provision of special facilities for parishioners, for the people of the Diocese, for pilgrims and for visitors, through contributions and funding, the essential repairs and renovations can be achieved to allow the Cathedral to remain a central place of prayer and worship in our diocese.

Diocese of Ossory
There are 42 parishes in the Diocese of Ossory, which include most of County Kilkenny and portions of Counties Laois and Offaly.

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