Parishes & People

The diocese of Ossory covers an area of 1972 kilometers.  It has a total population of 89,195 and a Catholic Population of 85,230. There are 42 parishes in the diocese.

There are 80 priests incardinated in Ossory.  Of these 10 are retired’ 5 are working or studying outside the diocese and the average age of the priests of the diocese is 61 years.

Since 2001 our diocese has worked towards the establishment of a diocesan forum.  Thankfully, we have now a forum representative in each of the parishes in our diocese and we have recently established northern, middle and southern pastoral councils.  These pastoral councils help people, priests and religious to work together in the hope of making our diocese a community that more accurately reflects the Kingdom of God in our midst.

In this section of our website you will find information on all these aspects of our diocese: its parishes, priests, religious, forum members, schools and much more.

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