Safeguarding Committee

The role of the Safeguarding Committee is to promote child safeguarding by:

  • Developing a three-year child safeguarding plan, including the establishment of the local child safeguarding policy and procedures;
  • Coordinating local safeguarding representatives (LSRs);
  • Coordinating activities related to child safeguarding, e.g. training;
  • Ensuring the annual audit, including the correlation of records for training-related activities;
  • Ensuring the completion of training needs assessments across the various child safeguarding roles in the Church body;
  • Ensuring, with the Church authority, that the appropriate child safeguarding personnel are in place;
  • Upholding the seven standards in practice and behaviour.

The members of the Safeguarding Committee are responsible for the ongoing development and implementation of best practice procedures and policy in every parish.

The Committee were responsible for developing and launching the Safeguarding Children parish Handbook which was launched 6thJune 2018. This document can be accessed here.

The National Safeguarding Office have recently updated the Church’s Safeguarding Standards and published a Guidance Manual to support same.  This guidance manual can be accessed here

Members of the Child Safeguarding Committee:

  • Mary Mescal, Chairperson
  • Ena Kennedy, Director of Safeguarding
  • Frances Lennon
  • Eithne McKenna
  • Martin Crotty
  • Fr Dan Bollard
  • Fr Ray Dempsey
  • Rose Brophy
  • Cathal Cullen
  • Monica Dowling
  • Patrick Bookle
  • J. Whelan

All members of the committee have received training in child protection.  

Accredited trainer for the Diocese of Ossory: Ena Kennedy

Ossory Diocesan Office James’s Street, Kilkenny Tel: 056-7762448 Fax: 056-7763753 E-mail: