Staff/Volunteer Recruitment

Staff / Volunteer Recruitment

The Diocese of Ossory acknowledges that safe care starts with the appointment of suitably qualified, skilled and vetted personnel who have the desired competencies and skills to carry out their function in an effective and safe manner. Whoever is employed by the Church, either in a pastoral or voluntary role, must be recruited safely and deemed suitable for the role that they are being asked to undertake.  

(Guidance Document Standard 1. 1.1A)

Staff / Volunteer Recruitment Forms

(All forms can be downloaded online and must then be printed and signed) 

  1. 1.1A T2 Application Form
  2. 1.1A T3- Confidential Declaration Form
  3. 1.1A T4- Character and Personal Reference Request
  4. 1A T1 Recruitment and Selection Checklist.doc
  5. Garda Vetting Forms 
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