Ossory Times

Sharing the Life of our Diocese

The pages of the Ossory Times remind us of the many and varied ways that our Christian hope finds expression in our Diocese. It is the people, the activities and the stories that we share together, which put flesh on the bones of our Christian faith. Each edition of the Ossory Times recounts the many events and people who shape our Christian story today. We document, therefore, historically significant moments, we point to new activities or ideas in our parishes, schools and communities, we unpack the faith and we highlight some of the ongoing activities and groups who give so much to our faith story today. 
As always we hope you enjoy these publications. Comments, suggestions and contributions are most welcome for future editions. Articles or advertisements for upcoming events or of recent events, can be sent to the editorial team of Rev Dr Dermot Ryan, Mr Michael Hogan, Ms Eadaoin Maher or to the Faith Development Office, St Kieran’s College.


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