The Synod in Ossory

Ossory Synodal Journey thus far

Pope Francis has invited all of us to begin a journey to becoming truly synodal in all we do. I am so delighted with the generous contributions of all who engaged in the first steps of this process. Gatherings and focused conversations took place throughout Lent and now as we near Pentecost it is timely to publish our Diocesan Synthesis. Our Diocesan Response has now been forwarded to the Irish Bishops’ Conference as the Synodal Task Group take time to discern the collated Irish Response to these first steps.

Thank you to the Diocesan Synod Committee for guiding this process. Thank you to all who engaged and contributed in any way to this synodal journey. I pray that the Synthesis captures those valued contributions. I welcome the publication of this Diocesan Synthesis and invite all of you who read it and reflect on it, to hold it in prayer. May the spirit of Pentecost breathe new life into our shared understanding of communion, participation and mission. 

+Denis Nulty

Select the image on the right to download the booklet documenting the first steps of our synodal journey.

Sharing the Synod Responses 

The Diocesan Synod Group are working to collate the responses that were heard at the various synod sessions throughout Ossory during Lent. They are, in the company of Bishop Denis, holding a public sharing of these responses at St Kieran’s College on Saturday next 21st May at 2pm.  If you would like to hear what was said throughout the Diocese you are most welcome to attend.  

Please Take our Synodal Survey

This Lent you are invited to share your experience of being part of the Church community. Together with Pope Francis, we want to hear from as many people as possible. 

We invite you to take this Synodal Survey and to encourage your friends and family to do the same. We want to hear from those who feel part of the Church and those who do not. Every voice makes the parish.

Scan this QR code to take part in our Listening Lent Survey, or click the link to the survey.

Primary School Synodal Survey

A message from Bishop Denis Nulty, Apostolic Administrator Ossory to all the schools in our Diocese

You may have heard about the synodal journey or synodal process that the Church is undertaking at this time. Put simply this is our desire to journey together as a Church community, one in which the voice of all is heard. Promotional material which we have been using in recent weeks to draw attention to this process has used the line “Pope Francis wants to hear you and so do we” and “all of our voices make the parish” – and how true are both of those statements.

We are Church when we walk together and therefore we are inviting all to be part of this journey during the coming Lent, which starts early in March. We have created an animated video for each of the class groups – ie 1st class; 2nd class; 3rd class etc… in the hope that those children will feel that we are speaking to them as their voice matters too.   

please download the video for your class and play them in these days. Assure the children that we will be in touch again soon asking them lots of simple age appropriate questions about their faith, their parishes, the Church we are all part of. 

I thank you for helping to bring this to life with the children and I look forward to being in touch again with more details as listening Lent begins. For now, it simply matters that the children know we want to listen to them.

Bishop Denis Nulty, 
Apostolic Administrator, Ossory

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