Statement on First Communions and Confirmations

I saw, with great pride, the many young people who queued this past weekend at the walk-in vaccination centres to avail of their first dose of the much needed vaccine. Such was the turn out that we drew the attention of other nations. We have done so much as individuals, as parishes, as communities, as counties and as a country. Better days are, we all feel, within touching distance. 

In this context, and in a recognition of the great sacrifice we have all already undertaken, I am asking parishes to continue to abide by current official guidelines. I am hopeful that these will ease in the weeks ahead and I do hope that as the month progresses and we start a return to schools that the resumption of all sacramental celebrations will be possible. 

I recognise, too, the deep frustrations brought about by conflicting messages of permitted gatherings in so many different contexts. Borne of this, where parishes feel that they can begin to plan for sacramental celebrations I ask that they ensure that they do so in a manner that protects the safety of all and do so in the context of the recommended guidelines for sizes of gatherings for that time.

Our churches, our people, our priests, our parish volunteers have done everything possible to make sure that we can gather in prayer safely throughout this pandemic. Our parishes, our priests, our parents, our children can be trusted to do nothing that will undo the good that has been done.   

I recognise, and deeply appreciate, all that has been, and continues to be undertaken to ensure that safety is a priority for all as we journey together through this pandemic.  

+ Denis Nulty

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